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Custom web addresses for multiple sites

Is it possible to have to different custom domains redirect to two different sites within the same Salesforce instance?


For example, BigCompany sells Widgets and Sprockets and their accessories.  They track the sales, house the product descriptions, etc. for both in their one-and-only Salesforce instance; however, both are branded as completely different companies to the public, so both should have different domains and should be two different Force.com sites.


We'd set up a bigcompany.force.com/widgets site and a bigcompany.force.com/sprockets site.  We'd like to be able to create two different custom web address to point to each Force.com site:

  www.widgetsusa.com --> bigcompany.force.com/widgets

  www.sprocketsinmypockets.com --> bigcompany.force.com/sprockets


Is this possible?  When looking at the documentation it appears that it isn't...

It looks like we'd have to have something like widgets.bigcompany.com and sprocketsinmypockets.bigcompany.com as the custom web addresses.  Is that correct?



I don't think so. You can assign any domain to SF sites.

SF reserves a unique name for their own site reference: [yourname].force.com, then each of your sites will be sub-directory off of this domain name: [yourname].force.com/site1 


However you can assign any domain that you wish to each site, SF internal url: [yourname].force.com/site1 and your custom domain can be: www.mycompany.com or myportal.mycompany.com or anything else.