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Site.login error message is not being translated



Is there any way to get message error translated when Site.login is not successful?


I'm using default VF pages generated when creating a site, with some changes to show labels and buttons translated into several languages. If I open ForgotPassword page, type a non existent user and click Send button, error message shown is translated correctly. But if I try to login in SiteLogin page, the message is always shown in user language.


SiteLogin page is correctly translated, using language parameter binded to a class property, and SiteLogin component labels and buttons too, but it seems that Site.login is not recognizing language from the page.


I tried to add language parameter to the component but it seems no valid.


Any idea?


Thanks in advance.


I too have a similar kind of requirement. Were you able to solve this?? .If yes please let me know the work around.




Did you get the solution for this issue?




Did you find a solution for this issue?