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Use sites to expose limited information through intranet?

I'm having a hard time finding any examples of this....is anyone using the sites technology to expose org information to internal employees that do not have SF licenses?  Specifically, I have a requirement for a group of users to view and update information coming in to SF from a web-to-lead form.  This is the only SF functionality they need, so it is cost prohibitive to buy licenses for them but I need more than email alerts.  If anyone can point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it!

Site license allows read and create on standard objects (except ideas, products and pricebook readonly) and full access on custom objects.

If this access is sufficient for your use case you can build an app and expose it via sites to your employees. Don't forget to IP restrict your site so that only employees who are accessing via your corporate network can access the functionality. 


If you must authenticate employees then sites is not a good solution for you, you need to use salesforce licenses

You can authenticate customers via sites by using customer portal but site doesn't support employee authentication. 


I was trying to solve the same problem (we don't want to recreate our SF data in our intranet site just so we can generate some sales 'run rate' graphics) - this sounds like what we've been looking for.


As for the authentication issue - I guess we could just include a link on the visual force page to display a protected piece of content (say a 1x1 white pixel jpg stored on our intranet). Since users should be viewing this visualforce page after logging into the company intranet, it shouldn't be an issue. Thoughts?


We could always IP restrict, but we have a lot of travelling employees. 


Am I assuming too much?


I'm not following how the 1x1 image on the page might provide security. If you are not IP restricting site anyone on the internet can browse the site url and see the results.


for traveling employees: do they use VPN to access our intranet? If yes then once they are VPN'ed their part of our IP address range, so you can restrict your site with our corporate network IP ranges. 

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Oh, I had an idea to just do a page load check to see if the browser could successfully access the url (ajax request) - if it didn't, I'd redirect.

I'm not sure if that would be secure since these url's could be modified on the client side.

I would recommend using IP restrictions


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Wait, that doesn't sound very secure at all! Why would you suggest that?




How about the visual force page loads an external URL that returns a key, which is then passed to the visual force page to generate the content? ......or IP restriction.
I know what I'm trying to do is simple, yet I have combed documentation and postings and am not finding it.  On our leads page, I have a view that I created that contains only leads that meet certain criteria.  I want to create a visualforce page that uses the lead object as a standard controller and displays that list of leads that the view defines.  What is the syntax for this.....or is there none?  Do I have to create a controller extension to retrieve those specific leads?  Any help or point to a similar example is GREATLY appreciated!

take a look at this posting. You would need to create a exgetnsion or custom controller