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pageBlockTable not displaying

Here is the Visualforce page running under Sites:


<apex:pageBlockTable title="Educational History" value="{!Educational_Records}" var="er"> <apex:column value="{!er.school__r.name}"/> <apex:column value="{!er.start_date__c}"/> </apex:pageBlockTable>




The controller code is:


Public List <EducationalHistory__c> Educational_Records {get; set;} public portalController() { System.debug('portalController'); String uId = UserInfo.getUserId(); User u = [select Id, ContactId from User where ID = :uId Limit 1]; String cId = u.ContactId; UserContact = [select Id, firstname, lastname, homephone, mobilephone, otherphone, mailingstreet, mailingcity, mailingstate, mailingpostalcode,Text_Message_Enabled__c,Best_way_to_contact__c, email, alternative_email__c, access_to_computer__c, access_to_internet__c, social_networks__c, otherstreet, othercity, otherstate, otherpostalcode, birthdate,gender__c,race_ethnicity__c, high_school_status__c, high_school_graduation_year__c,residence__c,college_status__c,actual_post_secondary_school__c,original_post_secondary_school__c,current_post_secondary_school__c, employment_status__c,employer__c,occupation__c,career_objective__c,hours_per_week_worked__c,hours_per_week_worked_range__c,military_status__c, alumni_ambassador_assignment__c,high_school_counselor_assignment__c from contact where Id = :cId LIMIT 1]; if (UserContact == null) { System.debug('UserContact not set'); } Educational_Records = [select Name,school__c, start_date__c, end_date__c, class__c, status__c, type__c, earned_credits__c, gpa__c from educationalhistory__c where alumni__r.id = :cId]; if (Educational_Records == null) { Educational_Records = new List <EducationalHistory__c> (); } }


The debug log shows that the SOQL is made and gets a record to return to set the variable.


I have a sharing on this object to share with All Portal Users Read/Write.


This is within a page that requires authenication and the user is logged in at the time when the page is rendered and not even the title renders.


Anybody have any ideas why this is happening.

Did you check the Field Level Security settings for these field on the portal profile?

Yes along with permission in the profile for the Portal User.   Is there a way to turn on debugging for privileges to see the rules that are applied that failed so I can find the reason for these problems quicker in the future.


David Mosher