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apex:detail edit button produces an insufficient privileges

Here is the visualforce code:


<apex:detail subject="{!$User.contactId}" relatedList="true"/>


Trying to let the Portal user edit their own contact record including custom fields.



The profile of the Portal user has Read and Edit checked for Contact records also.


are you using partner portal?

Customer portal doesn't give you edit permission on account and contacts.

Portal users can edit their information via the standard my profile page provided by the portal 

Naveed AnwarNaveed Anwar



I have encountered the same problem. Whether object is custom or SObject the error remains the same.

Between i am an administrator. Plese see the following code:


<apex:detail subject="{!account}" relatedList="true" title="false"/>


public List<Account> getAccount()
return [Select a.name From Account a Limit 100];