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permanent authorization?



I'm in the process of integrating Chatter into a different web tool, so users can easily share and comment in that tool. For this the user needs to associate his login with his chatter account by authorizing access via OAuth. Unfortunately it seems that both the access_token and the refresh_token expire (daily?), requiring the user to reauthenticate every day.


Is there a way to get a permanent access token that will not expire? 




the refresh token only expires when revoked by the user, it is the permanent token. 


Is that the only solution?  We have a webapp that integrates with a specific salesforce account.  I'd like to obtain a permenant access token for that app and be done with it.  Instead, I have to muck around with refresh tokens, etc.  There has to be a better way.  


Even if I authenticate with the username/password (and security token), all I seem to get is a "session ID" that doesn't even last a full day.


Also, I can find ZERO documentation as to the expiration periods of either OATH access tokens or session IDs.  




Yes that's the only solution. acess token / session Id expire on inactivity, the exact amount of inactivity depends on how the security settintgs are configured.