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Publisher Action Not Displaying on Page Layout



I'm trying to create a publisher action in Opportunity to create a Case. I have followed all the instructions as per user guide including the troubleshooting, but it is still not showing on the opportunity page layout (even though I have dragged it on to the page layout). Any ideas on what else I'm missing?




Just adding to that... 


It seems to be only that specific new action I created too. The default action items such as 'Poll', etc is removed when I remove it from the page layout & appears when I drag it back into the page layout. So it seems to be isolated to that Action.


Could you provide more details about the publisher action you're using to create the Case? Is this a Global action? Or do you have a custom field on Case with lookup to Opportunity? 


Also, are there any record types for the Case object in your org?

It's a Publishing Action.

I have resolved this now. It is actually an issue with object & Record Type

Once a Publishing Action is created, I was able to successfully create a
case associated to the opportunity. However I am unable to get the
assignment rules to fire once this case is created. I had to go to the
case, click 'Edit', then ensure the 'Assign using Active Assignment Rules'
checkbox is checked and then it'll work. Is there a way to auto-assign
without needing to write a trigger?

I also ensured that the 'Case Assignment Checkbox' is set to default
Bev CheshireBev Cheshire



I am having problems with a publisher action not showing on the layout, can you help in pointing me in the right direction to resolve this. 


I am creating an event action on the Account record. 


All help will be much appreciated

Basil TilmonBasil Tilmon
I'd like to add an explain of the Record Type issue that csee mentions since I found this thread but had to figure that last important bit out on my own.  If you have added Record Types to an Object you have to edit the Actions to select one of those created Record Types.  The default value is -Master- and it't not really a Record Type so much as the placeholder for records without a Record Type assigned.  I hope that makes this a little more helpful. 
Similar issue here. I followed the publisher instructions but no success. Was trying to add a "new task" button to the chatter actions. Finally was able to make it appear by editing the contact detail page layout. Added the action from there. Success!!
Kalyani Jagdale 1Kalyani Jagdale 1

Hi All,

I am new to salesforce.I was working on the global action but when i create a email as global action and try to use on the publisher layout then i can't see that action on chatter tab..

why is it so?
I am not getting the issue..Please help...