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Record Creation Notification Post in Chatter Stream

Hi All,


I want to notify users  through chatter Stream  when a new record is created.
Say , when a new Lead record will created , a post at chatter will be notified to all users.

How can I enable this fetaure.?


Hi Dipak,


For all users to be notified about a new Lead creation - you can use a Workflow rule and trigger an email alert to all users.


However, if you wish to stick to Chatter post - then you can make use of the Chatter REST API and @mention users on the NEW Lead Chatter Feed to notify them about the creation.








Thank you for your very informative post. Is the status of this feature the same. 


Plus how would use the chatter rest api. If you could kindly if possible please elaborate the process. How would I use the API to perfomr this function. Like the previous questioner a client wants to be notified of a new record creation only, without follwing objects and reords hence being inundated with chatter noise. 


Furthermore any resources which explain how to employ the chatter rest api woudl be most helpfull. 


Thank you for your understanding and patience, 


Kindest regards