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Joe GaskaJoe Gaska 

Sites & Customer Portal


Does the customer portal correctly work with a custom URL?  From our testing it authenticates the login but it views you as the annonymous user you have configured your sites to run as.  No tabs appear (home only), the edit my profile link disappears, etc.

How we are running it

1.) We have sites setup to run the website with custom URL/CNAME pointing etc.


2.) Require Non-Secure Connections (HTTP) = True

3.) We use the login component to login from the homepage

4.) Upon successful login (within the login component)we redirect them to http://www.CustomURL.com/home/home.jsp?retUrl=/home/home.jsp


5.) If we do not redirect them the tabs are fine but when we redirect them tabs disappear.



Question: Since this seems to screw with the customer portal how do we get the custom URL to work with the customer portal?






What are you setting the startURL parameter to when invoke the Site.login() method inside the login controller?

That is the portal landing page that the user is directly to after successfully logging in. As stated here, do not include http: or https. The startURL should be the relative path.