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Direct Link to VF page from force.com sites

Okay, so I was tasked to create a microsite for a customer. Basically this site is a duplicate of an existing force.com site. So, I cloned the home page to create a new site. Everything looks fine. However when I click on the "Home" button it takes me back to the original home page, effectively making it impossible to navigate back to the new home page. Any thoughts?



Santhosh KumarSanthosh Kumar

Each site has a url with or without a suffix. Only one site can have a url without suffix and all other sites have some sort of suffix. I guess your second site you created has some sort of suffix but when you click on Home, you may be redirecting to a site dns without suffix, resulting in showing the original site. Change the url for Home link to include the suffix. (Suffix can be changed in Site edit page).