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For public site do we require to buy licence

I want to have a Form, when user enter data into this form and add attachment -  i want to create a record in salesforce including attachment. Challange here is this form should be available to my specific users no other person should acces it.


My concern is do we need to buy any licence to achive this?




Thanks in advance



Santhosh KumarSanthosh Kumar

To be sure of licensing terms, please check with any of the salesforce Sales rep. 

Kapil GoutamKapil Goutam

If you are creating the site in your developer org then you need not to purchase any licenece.




If this is a public access web site (i.e. there is no authentication) then you do not need a license as long as you are on enterprise and unlimited, as that includes 25 guest user licences (1 guest user license is required per site).  Developer edition includes a single guest user license but you can't use developer edition to run a production system.

Shivanath DevnarayananShivanath Devnarayanan
I have a quick question related to this,
I use contact record to store custom username and password,
next i provide a public site where user can enter user name pwd ,(not any kind of sfdc user) and allow them to access some records.

Question : does this violate any SFDC rules ?
how safe is this?
I'd say it does violate rules - essentially you are implementing your own authentication mechanism to avoid buying licenses. I don't know if this is documented in the master subscription agreement, but SFDC have always been clear to me that this is not allowed.