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Open attachments in a customer portal


I have a customer portal and a site.

Authenticated WebSite users log in and needs to click a link and get an attachment opened.

I have copied the attachment and put it on a custom object så the attachment has the authenticated website user as owner. Now, since this portal user has read access to attachments it should be possible to display this attachment, but how? Which URL should I use? The minute I step out of the portal I get insufficient access.

If I try to use the link myself (admin) it works of course. This URL are of this type: https://c.cs7.content.force.com/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=123761873682173


But, what's the appoach to open and display attachments to portal users?




// Niklas


I got it to work if I modified the access on the custom object for the portal user profile to 'View All'. I don't think this will be a problem although I'd prefer not to open that up. I'll update the thread if something new comes up, otherwise I'd appreciate if there's another solution.


// Niklas