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Difference btw siteforce and earlier force.com offerings

Hi all,



          Can anyone please give  the difference between Force.com sites which were using earlier and Siteforce which is currently offering.


Force.com Sites is a programatic platform aimed at technical users such as developers and IT. You use Visualforce (HTML, CSS, Javascript) to create websites.


Siteforce is a declarative website builder that allows both technical users and non-technical users to build websites. Siteforce is a lot higher up on the stack.



Force.com Sites is already generally available and Siteforce is currently in pilot, scheduled to be released shortly.


Let me know if you have any additional questions.



Update to Ryan's comments: Siteforce is now GA since the Winter release is out.

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 CMS + CRM togeather Now with Salesforce i thnk so :)