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Yuri LausbergYuri Lausberg 

Subdomains separate from Site.com?

Hi All,


We are in the process of building out a new public facing internet site using Site.com CMS system.

Our existing site consists of a hybrid of public facing content and customer applications spread across subdomains.


If we deploy our www.<ourdomain>.com to Site.com, would we still be able to host our own custom applications on any of our subdomains (outside of Site.com) (e.g. apps.<ourdomain>.com) ?


Thanks much,


Yuri Lausberg


Hi Yuri,


I don't see why you couldn't set the DNS records to point to another server/IP as usual. 




Yes you would - you have complete control over your DNS and domain names.


A common situation is that you'd have several sites customers.mysite.com, www.mysite.com, and internal.mysite.com. Each could be hosted on a totally different technology stack (Site.com, Heroku, Amazon, etc.)