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Implementing "Search" functionality on sites developed to perform search on SFDC records.



Couple of questions on search functionality:


1. Has anybody successfully implemented search in Site.com sites to search their records lying in Salesforce.com databases? In other words, the interface is developed in Site.com, but the actual search to happen on records saved in salesforce.com database.


2. In relation to the above question, Is it possible to leverage the OOTB search feature of Saleforce.com?


Any help is much appreciated




Out of the box search is not currently supported.


Ok. But, there has to be some workaround. Can external search engines be used? I don't want to search the static website developed in Site.com. My website is very dynamic in nature.


How do Site's live on Site.com platform achieve search functionality? Can anybody share their approach?





You can implement search functionality based on a single field in your Salesfroce object.

1. You can add a click event on Search button which would open a new page and pass the query string as parameter in url.

2. Add a repeater on searh results page which uses filter as-

                Field:<Your Field> 

                Operator: Contains

                Source: URL query string

This would work for a single field search only.



Thanks Suyog for sharing this approach.