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how to build the SFDC Mobile App

  1. we created one custom object called Customer.
  2. we enable the partner portal account in my dev org
  3. we assign the Home and Custom obejct access permission for Portal user
  4. create the custom portal login page
  5. once portal user login they can see only home and custom object. here can create the new customer data.
  6. currenlty portal user using salesforce.

now we want build mobile app Portal user follow the same above process in mobile app.for this requriment what mobile app(ex: Native app,Hybrid App,HTML5) will support and what is the process we need to follow.

can you kindly help




Gaurav KheterpalGaurav Kheterpal



There are multiple options depending on what platforms you want to offer your app on and how.


1) You could build mobile optimised Visualforce pages to access your objects using Visualforce + any mobile pack (example jQuery Mobile, Angular + Twitter Bootstrap etc.)

2) Then, if you want to offer it as a hybrid app on iOS and Android, you'll need to invoke your VF page from the hybrid template

3) Simplest solution would be to make your Visualforce page accessible via Salesforce1 and then use Salesforce1

4) There's another option that you could still write a native app using the Mobile SDK


It all depends on your development skillset, distribution strategy, preference for native/ hybrid/ mobile web etc.


I hope this helps.