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Can a child record inherit the parent records currency iso code on its own record.

I have multi currency enabled in my org, and have accounts who we record things for in mutliple currencies. 


So 'account' A, has a 'project' in the US billed in USD and one in the UK billed in gbp and one in France billed in euros. So their project records reflect these currencies in the currency iso code field.


When we generate child 'billing' records against each of these projects, I want the records to inherit the same currency iso code as the parent by default. Unfortunately they don't inherit it. 


I've tried workflow field updates, but they dont seem to have access to the currency iso code field.


I don't know if a master detail relationship would solve it, but I cant go there as this 'billing' object is the target of a snapshot, and you cant have insert triggers either....and yes I know you can't run workflows on a snapshot object either, but i am disabling them before I run the analytic snapshot.


I feel like I'm stuffed here tbh...but would gladly appreciate any input by someone more familair in this area.

Perhaps you can try Process Builder instead of Workflow. See if that allows you to update the currency.