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How to pass Flow name dynamically like <Flow:Interview name="!{!DynamicName}">


How to pass Flow name dynamically like <Flow:Interview name="!{!DynamicName}">

Hi guys!


Is it possible to pass Flow name dynamically like <Flow:Interview name="!{!DynamicName}">




Can we use a variable associated to flow without initiating a object of that flow in the controller.


<apex:page controller="ModemTroubleShootingCusto" >
<flow:interview name="TipCalculator" interview="{!myflow}">

{!TipCalculator.BillValue} is not working... how can i access this variable on page witout creating  interview="{!myflow}"



Please provide some help here.




If you want to get variable values from a flow (not setting them), you will need to create a custom controller. 

So you will need something like 


<apex: page>

<flow:interview name="xyz" interview="{!myFlow}"/>


<apex:outputText value="{!BillValue}"/>



and in the controller you have something like

public Flow.Interview.xyz myFlow {get; set;}


Public String getBillValue() {

if (myFlow==null) return '';

else return myFlow.BillValue;




Hope this helps..



My query is a bit differnt..


I am asking for a way where i could pass the Flow File name dynamically rather passing it as a litral.


<Flow:Interview name ="xyz" >


So the question is ... is it possible to pas name = "{!flowFilename}" rather passing like name = "xyz"


No the name attribute cannot be dynamic.


Can you let me know your use case or what  you are trying to achieve?