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Open CTI demo with Nortel VoIP Phone

Hi friends, im trying to connect my computer and a Nortel VoIP phone and build a demo with the Open CTI.  The Open CTI i have succesfully installed it on my Salesforce ORG, but i don't know what to do next to make this computer recieve the phone calls.


Need your help to get on the right path.




To start building a knowledge base (as this was posted a while back) you would need some kind of telephony interface that you can access from the JS of the page.  This could be AJAX or a web service or a JS wrapper of some kind.  If Nortel has one you'd then build your softphone using HTML + JavaScript + Open CTI + Telephony interface.


Regards, Grant

Chris WoodwardChris Woodward
Hi, Solees!

I recommend that you also check a 3rd party software like Tenfold. It's a CTI that integrates Salesforce with phone systems, and that includes Nortel.

Key features of Tenfold include click-to-call, automatic call logging, a caller ID (screen pop), a call analytics dashboard, and more.

If you want to learn more about Salesforce-Nortel integration via Tenfold, you can check this link: