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Chatter Answers User Checkbox on Portal User page



I have enabled Chatter Answer feature and checked Show Chatter Anwer in Portal in Chatter Answer setting. I have customer portal where I want to expose Chatter Answer tab to customer portal users. I  have done necessary step on customer portal setup side. To make Chatter Answer tab visible to portal users, I need to check the Chatter Answer User checkbox on Portal user page.


Basically I need to assign Chatter Answer feature license to customer portal user. But I am not to do this. The Chatter Answer User checkbox is disabled for portal user page. I am not able to assign this feature license to customer portal user.


Please help me on this.




I tried this on my ORG - I have done the Chatter Answers setup as you suggested


- When I select the User License as High Volume Customer Portal, the Chatter Answers User checkbox gets auto checked.


Could you please check and confirm if this is the behavior for you as well..




Chatter Answer User checkbox is selected when you select High Volume Customer portal license. This is same for me also. However we can manully select this checkbox for other portal licenses.


Basically, when I am selecting the license and profile other than High Volume Customer Portal, Chatter Answer user checkbox is disabled.






Could you please provide me the following details of your ORG so I can have a closer look at your ORG settings:



3)Grant login access for 7 days to Salesforce Support.


You can send me a private message with this info.