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Grant Login Access and security

When we provide the grant login access to salesforce.com Customer Support, are we not sacrificing the confidentiality and security of our data, as Salesforce can view the data or code present for the organization?


Also, are there any best practices or guidelines that one should follow when granting such access?





When you grant Login As access to Salesforce.com Support, you are giving them temporary access to your user account without revealing your password.  (Salesforce.com Support with NEVER ask for your password)


When Login As is granted, the support person can see anything that you can see.  However, you can enable/disable this permission yourself.  If you have a support issue requiring Login As, revoke the access when your issue is resolved.


If a support person makes any changes to your organization or data, that will be reflected in a number of places, such as the Setup Audit Trail or Field History Tracking.  If you believe that a support person is abusing their position, you should contact the Security group at security@salesforce.com.  Salesforce.com can provide a complete session history for Login As sessions upon request.