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Referencing custom fields in a repeater element?

Hi all,


I'm trying to get my Siteforce page to connect to a custom object in Salesforce. I've added a repeater and a repeater element, and I'd like to get the repeater element to display data from a custom field on my custom object. However, the only fields which show up for connecting are the standard and system fields on the object.


The same is true for the repeater itself, when setting up a Filter, and also for Custom Code elements - only standard fields, not custom. Surely there's a way of doing this that I'm missing?





Did you try Field Level Security for the custom field for siteforce site user profile?


I've just checked and FLS is fine for all profiles.


I have this same issue.


The guest profile has all the right object permissions to see the fields.


If I look at the Field Accessibility options by profile it's marked as Editable/view by all profiles. I do notice that the profile for my Siteforce isn't listed here. Nor is that profile listed under Managed Profiles. The only place I seem to access it is when inserting a Data Table or repeater and clicking on the link in the Object selection area.




You can access the profile used by siteforce site from Site Configuration -> Guest User profile

Make sure, Custom FLS for the object fields are turned ON.


Ah ha!


Thanks I was having a heck of a time finding the FLS for that profile!


That did the trick!