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Salesforce - linkedIn Integration



My requirement is to integrate salesforce with Linkedin and to show the shared connection between two contacts in a VF Page.


I have done the first step and generated the oauth_token and  in the oauth_callback, i have given the URL of Site with a VF page and same controller.


So, i generated a URL in the code as



It gives me the URL as



If user validate this by clicking the link, it takes him to the site which i gave in oauth_callback and in the URL i get


oauthVerifier and oauthToken .





My problem is to get the oauthVerifier and oauthToken from the URL  so that i can send it in the request again.


i tried using ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('oauth_verifier');

but it is coming as null because when the user verfies it  and then it takes it to the site i gave in oauth_callback. the controller is not getting instantiated again.



Any suggestion would be helpful.








Hi Vineet,

I doing Integration with Salesforce to LinkedIn, when I'm trying to get the accessToken I'm getting "error=access_denied&error_description=the+user+denied+your+request"


Please, Can you help me out ?