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Public Knowledge setup on Force.com

I'm trying to implement a public knowledge base that can be accessed via our web site. I followed the instructions in the Creating a Public Knowledge Base with SFDC Knowledge implementation guide. I created a Force.com site making sure to adhere to the notes about what not to configure prior to installing the PKB 2 app from the AppExchange. The next step in the implementation guide is to configure the PKB Site Set-up Object, however this object is not showing up. The only PKB object options I see are PKB 2 Settings, PKB Article deflection and PKB Featured. I can't go any farther with this set-up until I can access and configure the PKB Site Setup Object. What am I doing wrong here?


Also, I want to be sure that PKB is set-up on the Force.com site, and my users have access.  The site says login not allowed, perhaps I missed something.


If you post to link to the exact instructions (and section within) I'll try to help. We've implemented (and customized PKB2) without (much) issue.



We are a non profit and trying to set up a public knowledge base with our website. Can I integrate PKB with my website and not SF sites? What does that process look like?


Salesforce Knowledge is a somewhat sophisticated solution.


It sounds like Salesforce Solutions (free with CRM) might be better suited for you. That is easy to drop into an existing website using an iFrame.


Its not the most elegant solution, but its easy and effective and used by some bigish companies.


Thank you for responding!


So can I ask you a few questions related to SF knowledge/Solutions?


- What are the features that I will loose if I end up using solutions?

- Can solutions be categorized and access to those categories be controlled by who is viewing it?

- Am I limited to just cases with solutions or can solutions be used other places as well .. to store best practices, SOPs etc





Solution is our previous knowledge offering. There is lot of benefits to use Knowledge vs Solutions like: 

- Easy way to expose article in unauthenticated fashion

- More Analytics: popular keyword search, popular articles, number of view/search, ...

- More granularity to segment our knowledge base based on data category

- Manage more complex article type

- and much more. 


If you want to have all the details, I advice to contact your salesforce sales representatives.