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Anthony PicaAnthony Pica 

Site.com redirects fail with query strings


When you add a query string to a page, it loads as expected. However, when you add a query string to an address that is either a 301 redirect or an alias in Site.com, the page does not load. The examples below:

Normal Page:
Without Query String - http://www.example.com/test-folder/test-page (works)
With Query String - http://www.example/test-folder/test-page?mkto=abc (works)

301 Redirect:
Without Query String - http://www.example.com/test-folder/test-redirect (works)
With Query String - http://www.example.com/test-folder/test-redirect?mkto=abc (fails)

Without Query String - http://www.example.com/test-folder/test-alias (works)
With Query String - http://www.example.com/test-folder/test-alias?mkto=abc (fails)


- Anthony

If you're trying to set up a "URL Redirect" that ignores the query string, inside site.com you want to use a "matchless alias." To do this you go into Site Configuration > URL Redirects and create a new redirect. Select "Alias" for Redirect Type and then make sure the "Match" checkbox is NOT checked. You'll then have a matchless alias that will ignore the query string.
Raghu NaniRaghu Nani
Hi Anthony,

I am also facing same issue.
301 Redirect:
Without Query String - http://www.example.com/test-folder/test-redirect (works)
With Query String - http://www.example.com/test-folder/test-redirect?mkto=abc (fails)

Is there any help?
Remlee dela Cruz 1Remlee dela Cruz 1
Hi! Is the matchless alias no longer an option now?