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S-control to update survey cases

We have a case closed survey that creates a new case via web2case. The survey form updates a custom field called "surveyCaseNumber" with the case number of the case being surveyed.
When the survey is done, I would like to update the survey cases with information from the original cases. Specifically, I would like to accomplish the following:
1. Set the owner of each survey case to the owner of the original case.
2. Set the contact of each survey case to the contact of the original case.
I suspect an S-control may be the way to go, but I'm new to S-controls.
Can someone provide example code for how to do this?
Gareth DaviesGareth Davies
If you want to do this automatically you may be stuck - since you will need to trigger on an event. Until APEX comes along you will have to trigger this manually.

How urgent is it? you could write an s-control that you invoke once per day and run through any new ones and update.

The option is to have a look at the click-tools survey module (have a look on the Appexchange) as they can do a lot of updates direct into Salesforce.com.