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Help with triggerUserEmail header option in AJAX 8.0

Have ported the Mass Create Tasks freebie to 8.0 from ajax beta and would like to add the email notification option.  The ajax documentation seems to indicate that I don't need to create an EmailHeader instance, but rather just need to set


before the task 'create' call. Is this the case? I assume something is missing, as it does not work. 
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
p.s. - when done and with notification working, I will post this to appexchange, if anyone is looking for something similar
Try this:

sforce.connection.emailHeader =  { triggerUserEmail : true};

I will file a bug to fix the docs.




thanks, that did the trick!

Eva DeLoriolEva DeLoriol

Where did you put it?  Inside the function taskCreation() {   ??  My team is researching these blogs.