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Page Lookup within a Flow?

I'm using Flow Designer to model a process that will be invoked from a public site. I've created two different pages that utilize the same flow - the pages are more or less the same, but they are designed for two different constituencies.


Is there a way for the flow itself to lookup, or in some way determine the page that invoked the flow?


I would like to track which page was used for reporting purposes.


One way would be to pass some specific page value to the URL that invokes the flow and store that value in a variable than will later be sent to SF.




To add to that answer, when making the button code pass the RecordType ID to a variable and then make a decision based on which RecordType ID is assigned to the variable. Note the Record type ID will be in GUID form not the title of the record Type. so Record Type Variable = a000001... ect. not = Contact or Employee.