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Cloud Flow and Cloud Console

I would like a way to keep a flow in a primary tab but be able to open other pages in a separate primary tab.

We have a very specific set of VF email pages that I would like to display and keep in the console as opposed to opening a new window as well as displaying full Account/Contact/Opportunity records.


I don't see anyway to implement JS srcUp for example within the cloud designer.


Thanks for any help here.




Hmm can you explain your use case a bit more? Open pages as you click Next in a new tab within the console?


Sure, so lets say you have a flow running in the main tab of the service cloud console.

Now as you go though the flow, you may come to a page that would allow you to open an existing opportunity (link to), not in a new window, but in a new tab.

The srcUp() function is what i use within page layouts/links etc to achieve this. however there is no way (that I can see) to create this kind of link within a screen component.


I know you can embed flows in VF pages so maybe that is an answer, but if you wanted to show links to multiple object layout pages it may get too difficult for me to manage.


Thanks Rajaram.






Actually I think I just answered my own question.

Just wrap the flow in a VF page and build the links in the VF portion using the variables from the flow.

That should work.


Yes.. It should! Good luck!

Hello...I have the exact same requirement but admittedly do not know how to accomplish this using VF and Flows...could you provide an explanation of how you implemented this?  Thank you!