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Regarding Look up Field Creation in Visual Flow Screen.

I have created a Visual Flow screen with 3 Text fields, But I have to add a Look up Field in the screen. In order to add a Look up I added a Record Look up. I added the required fields in the Record Look up. But  the Look up Field is not visible in visual flow Screen while running the Flow. Please provide a Soulution to this Issue. Please share some Sample Screen shots and steps if possible.






What you need is a dynamic choice. The dynamic choice is like a lookup field elsewhere in salesforce, except that the result set is displayed as a radio button or a drop down. We are working on supporting a "lookup" field in the future.


Hi Rajaram -- when creating a dropdown list or radio buttons, it looks like there is a maximum of 200 dynamic choices that can be displayed. Is this correct? If so, any workaround for this until lookup fields are supported?

Is there any update here?  Is it on your roadmap to release this?  We're looking at some pretty heavy development to work around this limitation.
Mark CrawfordMark Crawford
I am also looking for a solution to this, the best work around I have found is to just abandon the flow builder and use a Visual Force page.
ashok gonuashok gonu

I am also looking for the lookup field feature .What is the workaround for a user to populate all the lookup values so that the user picks the right one.

Umair Ilyas, CosultantUmair Ilyas, Cosultant
Has there been any updates or developments for this question? Lookups in visual flow are still unavailable.