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Record Lookup using Multi-Picklist Values (Concept of OR)

Is it possible to create a record lookup within visualflow that will find a record that matches a multi-picklist value.


I have a record lookup in my flow. I want to find a record which has a State value equal to either WA, CA, ID, WY, or NY.


I tried creating a variable with the default value of WA|CA|ID|WY|NY and WA;CA;ID;WY;NY but neither of these worked. So it appears there is no concept of OR in record lookup filters. I would prefer to avoid creating a plug-in as that would not suit administrators very well who may later wish to change/update the flow.


Any ideas? 




What works currently is just the "=" and "!=" operators on querying Multi-select picklists. You can find it here. What is not supported is the "includes/Excludes" clause.

For the "OR" aspect, here is a sample query against a multi select picklist set up in my dynamic choice


MyMSPickListField equals "Value1;Value2"

MyMSPickListField equals "Value1;Value2;Value3"


If you have such a query set up where the same field appears twice on the LHS with the same operator, then the engine acutally interprets as an OR

So the above query is in effect query all records where the picklist values are BOTH "Value1;Value2" and "Value1;Value2:Value3". But remember there are exact matches as per the "equals" operator in the SOQL syntax.


Hope this helps..