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Jeff TalbotJeff Talbot 

Creating Flow variables in mass?

I am starting to work on a Visual Workflow that queries a custom object record, and processes the data from all the fields in that object. There are 110 fields in the custom object. I will need all of them in the Flow.


1) Does anyone know if I'll hit any limitations in a large, complex Flow that is creating and updating records in six different Objects? I've searched help and boards quite a bit, and I haven't found anything to concern me. That said, I don't want to get 80% through this build and then get surprised by some kind of Salesforce limitation on Flow.


2) Do I need to manually create all the variables? Or is there a way to mass create all the variables that I need using a list of field names from the custom object? Either way, I guess I still have to manually map all the field values to the variables in my Record Lookup element. So it's still going to be a lot of work. But oh, the time this is going to save!




If you really need all the fields, the only way is to create variables. We are working on making this easier in the future by providing the ability to work with SObject natively. Until then, you will need to store the fields in variables.

One option (my geeky side of me talking) is for you to have the flow first defined, then use the MD API to get the XML and manipulate the XML direclty - that is probably faster than creating variables from scratch.