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Dynamic screens based on multiple selection in a multi-select checkbox



We have a list of records showing up in the first screen of a flow in a multi-select checkbox... based on the selection user makes on this screen we need to dynamically create Next screens of the flow processing each selected record one by one.. ... Is this possible?


What do you mean "processing the records one by one"?


Right now the dynamic features are a little limited.  What you'd need to do is use the decision element to essentially say "Decision 1 = Option 1" then you would route the user based on that and do similar for each different decision.  The option to put all of these decisions into 1 element and then branch off accordingly isn't part of Flow yet, you need to do them individually.




Thanks Darell

My choices come out of a multi checkbox ... populated from a dynamic choice... So at the time the first screen comes up I really can't say in the flow what to expect ... so I can't create decision elements to route them ... :/


I guess we'll have to live with the limitation or find a workaround !


Thank you !


Yeah.. this is kinda painful now as Flow does not support collections. Let me see if I can come up with some plausible workaround..




This is something I crucially need as well. If anyone finds a workaround please post it up! Cheers


I'm trying to use inputs from one Multi- select  as criteria into another. ..
I tried assigning the values fetched to a flow variable...it came out like a5tc00000008OR2AAM; a5tc00000008OQsAAM  with those semi colons....
and then assigning back to a Flow variable as comm separated values ...like a5tc00000008OR2AAM, a5tc00000008OQsAAM but it did not work ...

Do we know if the dynamic data criteria takes input of a list of values rather than just one ?


Almost there.. give me 1 -2 days and I will post a sample on my github page: github.com/raja-sfdc


Stay tuned!



 Can you let me know a bit more of your use case? I want to make sure I have uploaded something people can relate to rather than just something arbritary.




Ok.. sorry for the delay.. Check out my sample on github. Let me know if it works for you.