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Finish Flow at Record Edit Page?

Anyone have any tips on finishing a flow at a record edit screen that has certain fields filled out that were established in the flow?


If that was confusing, here is the scenario: When going to create an Opportunity, I need users to fill out some preliminary information that will effect things on the Opportunity like record type, dependent picklists, etc. I would like to set this up so that they kick off a flow when creating an Opp, fill out the preliminary information, and when they click Finish, it takes them to the edit page for that record with the information they entered in the flow already filled out BUT the record has not yet been saved/committed to the database.


Thanks for any info!


You can set the URL to return to the edit page of the record.

This is the example of a flow configured from a custom button or a link on the opty page to return the opty detail page after the flow is done.



The opty will get the latest and data updated by flow.