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Masking Site URL

Hi all,


We have created two to three customer portal. The problem is how to mask the URL in secure site?


For eg) www.something.com is the domain

Our CP - https://www.something.secure.force.com/apex/VFpage

I want it to be https://www.something.com/apex/VFpage in CP . Is that Possible to achieve?


I need to know how to mask the secured site URL(i.e https) in CP. Please provide some help







You currently can't mask an https url with sites. 


You can mask the http URL used after login (if you check the allow insecure requests checkbox). See this for an example: http://www.salesforce.com/docs/developer/cookbook/Content/sites_using_custom_domain.htm

Hi Ryan

Is there a way to convert https site to http after login to Customer portal? If so How can we achieve this Any Ideas?

Bojan KalajdzicBojan Kalajdzic
Avudaiappan, changing it from https to http would defeat the purpose of https. Your login credentials would fly in the open http and Salesforce wouldn’t allow it.