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Set up an "Authenticated Website" user in partner developer edition

Does anyone have a basic primer/how to for setting up an Authenticated Website user? SFDC support has not been able to help after multiple cases that have been opened.




Make sure you do have at least one Authenticated Website User license. Check out this thread


and especially the post by



Hopefully that gets you started. Let me know if you run into issues and I can try to help.




Craig PCraig P
We have an application built using custom objects that we would like to expose to our partners using the "Authenticated Website" license. According to the documentation, we should be able to expose custom objects (read/write) to users w/ the Authenticated Website license, however there is not an intuitive path to follow to set this up.

1) should the user w/ the Authenticated Website license access the application via the Customer Portal? or through a Force.com Site?
2) how do we modify permissions to custom objects for the "Authenticated Website" profile? (the custom objects are not listed in the Profile page)



1. The Authenticated Website user will access your data through a Force.com Site. However, the logon process to the site needs a customer portal to be set up.  So enable at least one customer portal and then you should have access to the Logon Allowed property on the Site.


2. Just clone the Authenticated Website profile and make your changes to the new custom profile to give permissions to your custom objects. Let's say you call this AW Custom. Go in into the Customer portal you set up and select the default profile for new users if you're allowing self registration


3.  Turn on Logon for the site - you can select the portal you just set up


4. You can set up your contacts manually and enable portal user capability for them. You can choose the AW Custom Profile for the user.


Hope this helps. I'll see if I can put together a better cheat sheet. Probably later this evening if I find some time.







Craig PCraig P
Ram - Very helpful. I went through the steps and it is now working.

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Excellent. Glad to hear it, Craig.