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Hi Everyone,


I want to develope a site which can be acceesed by 50 users want to know how to start and price for each user license....


Thanks in advance


You can create the desire site from salesforce by using the below navigation.

Setup->Develop->Sites->New->Create new site-> System will generate site url

By using the url u can request to register the users. The price for each user is depends on the licence which you requested for the Org(Enterprise, Professional, Unlimited..etc)


By default a few users available in the org with different types(administration setup->company profile) and if you want to more Gold partner users for the org you need to request for salesforce.









Hi Krishna

Thanks for replying,Can you provide me some start up materials apart from SF Docs.

attelli, Are these 50 users going to be named/authenticated users?


If you need them to logon and have access to your site, the pricing is:


100 licenses are $1200 for a year. They sell them in increments of 100 licneses.

You can give your users access to custom objects and a hand ful of standard objects.