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Password Protect Site.com

Is there an easy way to place part of a Site.com site behind a password?  We have a set of pages that we would like for only those with a password to be able to access.  It would be a single password, without need for specific user credentialing.


There are multiple ways of doing this.    By using custom force.com authentication with communities/portals or by redirecting to another site where you can perform authentication.


But I'm just curious as to you have to ask password and no user name... Sounds a bit off here..


While I realize this can be done outside of Site.com, and with custom visualforce development, we were looking for an "easier" solution.


Really, we have a section of the site that we only want attendees of a class to be able to log into.  With other CMS you can simply put a password over a section of the site.  Numerous plugins exist.


I was hoping that Site.com would have similar functionality, rather than have to go the custom code/development route.


Frankly, I wish that Site.com did some of the basic CMS functionality found on other systems.  Here is to hoping that there will be more development in the appexchange community for it.