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reCAPTCHA issues on some version of IE 9.



I have created a force.com site and I have published it. During my internal testing I found that everything worked flawlessly. I tested the apex forms system with captcha on Chrome, Safari, Firefox and the latest versions of IE7 to IE10. Not a single glitch.


However as soon as I published the site, my call volume went from 30 calls a day to about 75 calls a day. The main problem, is that the captcha is not submitted the forms field for version of Internet explorer 8 to 9 that are not running the latest version. Since so many web visitors are not running the latest version, they call and complain. This was not an issue before I started using force.com sites. 


I have copied the steps at http://wiki.developerforce.com/page/Adding_CAPTCHA_to_Force.com_Sites.


Line 24 and line 29 always return null on IE 9.0.8112.16421. Therefore visitors cannot submit the captcha with success.


024             return ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('recaptcha_challenge_field');
029             return ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('recaptcha_response_field');

Would anyone know how to fix it?
Alex, were you able to get around this?
I am not yet sure. I am not able to reproduce the error on my system because it only occurs on IE versions that have not been updated. I downloaded Virtual Machines from microsoft to run tests but they all run the latest version so I cannot reproduce it.

So basically I can only test changes by publishing it on my site, then wait a couple of days and see if anyone reports an issue, or not.

I have set standardStylesheet="false" on the forms. I think that could be it but I will need a few more days of customer feedback to be sure.
ok - thanks for the update. Hopefully that fixed it. Will stay tuned in.
I still get calls about people writing the captcha 20 times and having it fail each time. So this issue remains unresolved.

Interesting. So it looks like perhaps an apex form issue in these IE versions rather than a reCAPTCHA issue.  I tried with IE 7 - unfortunately it was on the latest version of 7. So couldn't recreate it.


Yes, but here is the interesting thing. When I use the same code in a java or php program, I do not get this captcha problem. It seems the visualforce css or javascript interferes with the captcha code in older versions of IE.

Agreed - definitely looks like a VF/Apex - IE minor version combination issue.