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Communities Custom Change Password Page

The new communities has mostly the same functionality as a Force.com Site + Customer Portal. One of the things that's missing though is the ability to set a custom change password page. This is critical for customers who want full control of the branding of their site, and while salesforce's new login looks nice, it does not fit with the design vision of many customers and being able to select a logo and change the background color is not an acceptable level of control for enterprises. 


i've tried a few avenues to try and get a custom change password page when a new user is signed up, or their password is reset:


1. Use the url rewritter to intercept /_ui/system/security/ChangePassword. Sadly this doesn't work as the url rewritter doesn't run for this target

2. Use the footer to add some javascript redirect to the page. Unfortunately the change password page doesn't take the footer defined in the login configuration for communities.


Does anyone have any clever ideas on how we can use a custom change password page in these scenarios? It used to be really simple in customer portal, you just selected the desired change password visualforce page. It's no fun when "new" products take funtionality away. 


Thanks in advance for any help and ideas! :) 

Blue SuccessBlue Success
I agree, would like to know this..

Not sure if you still need this after a year passing by - but here is how one can set custom change password page.

You would need to turn Chatter answers on and then enable it for your communities(under site settings). Once this is done you can choose the visualforce page you want to use as your change password page.