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Can't enable Communities

I have Enterprise Edition, and my Profile is System Administrator.  I just refreshed my sandbox.


In my sandbox, "Communities" doesn't appear under Setup | Customize. When I use the Quick Find box on the Setup page to search for "Communities," nothing matches.


Why can't I find Communities in my sandbox?






If you've recently added licenses or increased data storage limits for your production environment you may find these licenses and increased limits are not in your sandbox environment. To update your sandbox with newly provisioned licenses or storage you must refresh your sandbox. Once refreshed all new licenses and increased data storage provisioned in production will be copied to and available in sandbox.

If for some reason your are unable to refresh your sandbox please log a case for customer support.


Refer: https://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewSolution?urlname=Licenses-or-increased-storage-limits-not-available-in-sandbox&language=en_US