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Single Sign-On for Customer Portal with OpenAM

Hello. I'm trying Single Sign-On for Force.com with OpenAM.

1st, I tried SSO with OpenAM for normal user account. It succeeded.

I was looking at http://wiki.developerforce.com/index.php/Single_Sign-On_with_SAML_on_Force.com.

2nd, I'm trying SSO with OpenAM for Customer Portal user, now.

I don't know how to setup the following attributes on OpenAM.

https://na11.salesforce.com/help/doc/en/salesforce_winter10_release_notes.pdf - pp172.

"In the SAML assertion, add the portal_id and organization_id as attributes."


Note that I know the values of portal_id and organization_id.


Could anyone help me? Thanks.

Ralph YozzoRalph Yozzo

Hi Hiroaki and everyone,


Has anyone found a solution to this.   We are using OpenAM also with custom portal and sites and we'd like to add the appropriate attributes to the SAMLv2 Request / Response  to get it to function properly.







Have you managed to find a way to add the custom attributes to the assertion in openAM? I would really appreciate some help with this!




Naresh JellaNaresh Jella

Hii     h-nagoya,

 I will be very thankfull if you can help me achieving the single sign on using openaAm and salesforce normal user account.

I am trying it from many days, still unable to achieve. I have taken screen shots of what i have done and 


you can find them here https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B7uqboO9KPCeby1YTjZPSXFYZEU/edit?pli=1 

Thanks in advance

Rakesh KumarrRakesh Kumarr

Hi h-nagoya,


Since past few weeks  i am wondering how could i achieve  single sign on  for Force.com with OpenAm.

Tried my all combinations and configurations i could and on searching i found here we have some one who can help us to achieve same.please help me  with the solution .I went through the  post what naresh posted  my problem is also some what same.plz reply me on this discussion board or  on my email id focus.rakesh@gmail.com.



Thanks  and Regards,

Rakesh Kumar