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Server certificate rejected by ChainVerifier

We are doing a POC to integrate the ERP with SFDC, there are some exceptions while making a basic authentication to SFDC. Please find the details below.

  1. Registered at salesforce.com for developer forum
  2. Downloaded the enterprise WSDL which is provided by the salesforce for developers.
  3. Downloaded the client certificates for the same to make a secure call.
  4. Created a project in TIBCO imported the WSDL file and created a webservice using the same.
  5. Created HTTP Connection activity with the following details
    1. Host name as login.salesforce.com
    2. Port as 80
    3. There is already a process called Soaplogin with start and end activity, we have added SOAP Request Reply and configured the details, including SSL.
      1. Provided the user name and password
      2. When we are running the application, it’s not able to do the basic authentication and it’s throwing the error Server certificate rejected by ChainVerifier 

Please make a note in the salesforce.com for the developer edition, they didn’t provided the identity files for the same. I have created my own certificate for the same. But still I am getting the same error.


You'll need to make sure Tibco trusts our CA, the intermediate cert, and our server cert ( best practice would be to just trust the CA cert and hoepfully Tibco can complete the chain...I've seen issues with Tibco not handling this though )    You can see our cert chain be browsing to the URL and inspecting it in a browser


Hi, did you ever resolve this and how was it fixed.  I have the same issue using Tibco Design 5.5 which user JRE 1.5.0.