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Relationship queries with Events and opportunities


We are trying to develope a scontrol in wich we need to query for the Events creat in a determinate date and those will be relation with a opportunities that have a determinate LeadSource. The problem is when i use the e.What.LeadSource in the where clause the appi return this error:

"No such column 'LeadSource' on entity 'Name'"

This a example of the query of we try to run:

Select e.What.Type, e.What.Name, e.What.Id, e.WhatId
From Event e
where e.What.Name <> '' and e.What.Type = 'Opportunity' and  e.What.LeadSource = 'Database' 
limit  25

Can we do?
No, you can't do that because WhatId is a polymorphic field.  Because it can refer to many different objects, you can't use it like a regular relationship field.  You'll have to do 2 queries, the first to find the events on Opportunity and the second to whittle down the set of opportunities from that list.
Thanks for reply werewolf.