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Use of SFDC certificate with IIS

We are integrating Salesforce.com CRM with a .NET application. As of now, the integration is working on http protocols on the web-service endpoint. Now, we need to secure the web-service i.e. convert the http into https protocols, using the CA signed certificate approach. We have generated the CSR from SFDC, and have it CA signed and uploaded back to the SFDC certificate management store. However, the .NET team will not be able to host this certificate on their list of trusted identities at the IIS level without the private key. I read on SFDC documentation that even if we export the SFDC certificate, the private key cannot be seen/exported. So now the situation is that in IIS we are not able to host the certificate at all. Request for to help with approaches to resolve the issue.....


We are facing the same issue here. Please share the solution if you are able to resolve it.

Kumara VenkateshKumara Venkatesh
Any solutions? I am also facing the same issue.
Did you manage to resolve this ?

Would you please advise  steps for CA Certificate SF and IIS ?