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integration EmailVision


I have a order process for which I want to send the email via EmailVision.


What i want is:

- to keep the templates in Saleforce and send all the HTML content to EmailVision. that allows us to manage the whole thing in Salesforce and to be able to easily preview the result.

- to save the content of the sent email to the partner/customer as an activity (as it's possible with the messaging object)

- to fire the emails from triggers based on some status changes (a lot of template + multi language, so it's easier and not limited as for the # email alerts)



My problems are :)

- is it possible to use the messaging object to merge the fields between the template and the related record, without sending the mail ?

- i could use a visualforce page instead of a template to get the content (pagereference.getContent()) but i think it's not possible to use this method in a trigger.

- I could let the templates in EmailVision, but in that scenario how to save the content of the sent email as an activity ?



Has anybody experience with such an integration ? best practices ?


Thanks for your help.