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Get data from SAP to Salesforce

Requirement: To get Account details from SAP and store it in Salesforce during the first week of every month.


To implement this, I can use HTTP Callouts to the SAP webservices.  The callouts call the SAP services, pass the account Id and gets all the other information and stores in Salesforce.  This logic I can do it in my Apex classes and schedule it to run on 1st of every month.


What I want to know is how to setup the connection between SAP and Salesforce? Can anyone brief the steps ?

- Does SAP allow creation of web services for Salesforce to call? 

- Do we need any third party tools ? 

- Can I use outbound messaging services in Salesforce? 

- How is the hosting of SAP web service taken care?


Please help.  Thanks!




Sap will provide you wsdl file from which you can generate classes in salesforce.Once you have generated classes in salesforce then you have to identufy the function which you will be using in your apex class to make callout to the sap and in that method you can pass prameters.once your callout is successful you will get response.


You have to register sap endpoiunt URL in the remote seetings in salesforce motherwise your callout will fail




Hi Man"ish

             I have the same requirement, I am trying to pull information from SAP to Salesforce (by passing IvAcctNo to SAP , I get order details.) and display in salesforce.Are you done your task  plz help me.


I have wsdl2apex plz share your apex class and trigger







we've tried multiple times to make this work directly. And it has ended in writing small win32 app, that does HTTP SOAP calls to SAP, reformats the data and posts it to SF using HTTP SOAP.


Both SOAP connectors used different schema.


any one integrate salesforce with sap plz share your codes im new in salesforce 

@Surprise: Thanks. We are working on th web service of SAP. As @Amochkin pointed out, do we need any other apps to connect both the Systems?

@Amochkin: Why web services alone wouldn't do? Can you throw more light on win32 app, please.

@udayar: Im still working on it.

Thanks All Again.

@amochkin: Can you please tell us about this win32 app? Where will be this installed?


Hi Manish 

    Are you completed Saleforce integration with SAP

Jaap ScheperJaap Scheper
You can use external objects to connect to data in a different system: https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=external_object_define.htm&type=0
Naudine MosimeNaudine Mosime

If you are still on the market for an integration solution, I would suggest you check out Commercient's integration app for Salesforce and SAP (https://www.commercient.com/product/sync-integration-for-sap-and-salesforce/).