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Gunish Rai ChawlaGunish Rai Chawla 

Can I Design a Process, Which can Pause and Restart from where it left using Visual Workflow



We are currently in an Iteration trying to develop a Custom Implementation of a Process Guidance Tool, and started to build something custom based on an advise that Flow has It's limitations which do not allow the following features

1. you can not save the state of a flow, 

2, you can not retrieve the state of a flow, based from saved data. 

3. You can not have advanced integrations to a flow such as, including it in Site.com and Adding Javascript, and action functions to the flow elements.


Can I request some input from the community to confirm or correct these assumptions please ?


Thanks in advance,


You may be able to get 1&2 (depending on your use case) by designing the flow such that you periodically save the state in the DB. This would also mean that you need to pass in that state at the beginning of the flow and your flow will start from that point onwards. Think of having a decision as you start point and you transition to the appropriate state right at the beginning of your flow.

#3 is indeed an issue and we are working on a more modern UI. However, I cannot give you a time line on this as yet.

Hi Rajaram, (I have posted same question on different post as well but this post looks more appropriate to relate my question)


I have just started my first flow in Salesforce...


Flow Screen 1:


Gender: Male or Female - User selects Male and goes to next screen

Create the record and save the Gender selection on the custom object. As you recommend I will have another on field on my custom object to save flow_status__c as Screen1 complete.


Flow Screen 2:


Name: Empty - User leaves/closes the flow screen without going next.




Next time when the user comes in later clicks the edit on above particular record on the custom object's tab. 


As per your recommendation, I will pass the ID on to the Visual force page.


Pass the parameter (as Screen1 complete) to the flow. Am I right below?  or please correct me


<flow:interview name="Violation_CCMS_Flow" finishLocation="{!URLFOR('/apex/ViolationFlow')}">
<apex:param assignTo="FLOW Variable?" value="{!Violation__c.flow_status__c}" />

 How can I check incomming variable or What should I do on the FLOW to land the user directly on the Flow Screen 2?


Please let me know the posibility....


Also, Please let me know if the above is confusing...


Youtube tutorial will really help!!!


Thank you and would really appreciate any help on this.



Just got it figured out!


That was my learning curve.


I could accomplish it by passing the flow variable


<flow:interview id="ViolationFlow" name="Violation_Flow" finishLocation="/{!$ObjectType.Violation__c.KeyPrefix}" >
<apex:param name="FlowScreenStatus" value="{!Violation__c.Flow_Screen_Status__c}" />


And had desicion element at the top (set as start) that would read the "FlowScreenStatus" flow variable and the land user to the appropriate flow screen according to the Flow_Screen_Status__c field on the custom object.


Flow is a very good feature and works perfect for me!!!


Still need to have buttons and link elements on the flow for opening windows (using javascript). For now I can do that from the visual force page where I have flow.