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Add a link in flow to a custom object



I have created a complex flow with Master and Child Flows. Since check box values dont travel well between Master and child flows, can I add a link in flow re dirceting the user to the custom object that the record is store in?




I think you need to explain a little more what you are doing. You started out mentioning a check box but then talked about a custom object. I don't understand if you are trying to link to another part of a Flow or back to Salesforce UI?




I figured out the answer to my Question. I found that in many instances when pulling information from Subflows to a Master, you can only display values/variables as text. In this case I decided to use a work around, instead of displaying data through flow, I wanted to direct the users to the object that I did a record create to.


I found that Yes you can in fact do this by the following:


<apex:page >
    <flow:interview name="FlowName" finishLocation="{!URLFOR('https://na15.salesforce.com/ui/desktop/DesktopPage')}"/>