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Dynamic assignment of page layout based on User Id

I am attempting to resolve the following scenario. We'd like to limit the fields that are visible to users based on the following criteria.  If a user owns a record, all fields are visible.  Other users at the same level (with the same role and profile settings) will be able to see only a "subset" of the records.  When I say visible, I am referring to actually ON the screen (not just editable.)
My initial thought is to utilize an inline s-control to validate the "owner" vs. the "currently logged in user" to determine which page layout to display.  I am unsure, however, if I am able to gain that level of access to the GUI.
Has anyone ever done something like this?  Is there any other approaches that someone may have done before? 
Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

I think the standard UI would be extreamly difficult to do what you are wanting to do.  I think that you will probably be required to create your own user display.  Your inline scontrol can check who the user is and then display your own data dynamically.  You would in essence have only a few of the required fields on the page layout and then JavaScript to display the information that you would like to display and how you would like to display it.

Others might have a better idea.